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A comedian who wanted to be an astronaut. Instead, he rocketed to stardom by appearing on stage, six motion pictures, and who currently is acting in his third television series… his fondest memories as a kid were his father telling his neighbor not to yell at his son… and his father kicking his neighbor's "proverbial" when he did it again anyway. He thinks Groucho Marx still rocks… along with the TV show "The Simpsons".

A female version of "Indiana Jones"… this trailblazing Olympic gold medalist won her medal in softball and just "made" the current USA Women's Bobsled Team as "a pusher". (This means she pushes her team off and rides the rest of the race lying down.) … Yes there is a Women's USA Bobsled Team.

Football legend who wanted to be a cowboy. Other than his prized yo-yo, little about his life sleeps! He believes… in great health care products. Hunting and fishing are his passions.

Runway model and three first place finishes in 18K and 10K mile running races… this university triathlete competed as a kid on horseback… and is no stranger to print work.

We have an In.credible People celebrity who… has presided over more than 150 murder trials. His professional accomplishments and straight talk have landed him on 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC and Court TV leaving many to muse… what if he had presided over the OJ trial? His nickname is THE ROCK… and did we mention he is a former United States Marine?

Hockey champ and ice skating Olympian who owe their first date to a SEGA video game. Grooves to Matchbox 20 with their twin boys.

Talk about a prophecy… and everyone should have a grandpa like hers. Grandfather of three time Olympic gold medalist in competitive swimming - Sydney 2000 built a swimming pool in his backyard when this racer was 2 years old. He told her that, one day, she'd be an Olympian.

Network commentator and Super Bowl MVP. A rocket was his prized possession as a kid. Now its a toss up between his cell phone… and Swiss Army Knife. National Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

We have a US Olympic gold medalist in competitive swimming who overcame chronic asthma to win TWO (2) Olympic medals back to back - Sydney (2000) - GOLD, Atlanta (1996) - SILVER - Rafting down the Grand Canyon rules as best childhood memory… and the American Lung Association is his favorite charity.

7 Time Pro Bowl football player whose talent is only rivaled by his charitable work off the playing field. His dad can't come watch him play because of a heart condition… Celeb never forgot his high school drivers ed teacher who taught him how to drive… through life. Big-time supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

New Englander pitches out of New Hampshire and delivers in Major League Baseball. Other than crashing into a tree with his sled at 8 years old, this talented celeb commits to a peaceful and healthy lifestyle overcoming a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

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