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FAQ - Ad Agencies/Sponsors

FAQ - Athletes/Sports Agents

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COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Ad Agencies/PR Agencies/Sponsors

1.) Are you an Advertising Agency or Sponsor?

No. We are a strategic alliances company. We bring companies and celebrities together who may or may not know of each other to license and sell products and services through advertising, public relations and endorsements.

2.) Who is your client?

Our client is the Advertising or PR Agency or its client, the sponsor.

3.) Describe some of the services Zip offers?

For the Advertising/PR Agency or Advertiser/Sponsor, we offer either the matching of a current Zip Celebrity or a search for either an identified celebrity e.g., "Go get me the guy who starred in that thriller movie?" or unidentified, "I need a Latino sports figure who looks about 25 years old and who has survived serious medical problems."

4.) Who pays Zip?

The Advertising/PR Agency or its client, the sponsor.
Our fees are competitive.

5.) What steps should an advertising agency or sponsor take to become a Zip client?

Contact us by email, telephone or in writing and tell us you want to be a Zip client. Whereupon we give you a straightforward contract to review. If the terms are acceptable, the contract should be signed by an authorized representative and submitted to Zip for our signature. Upon our receipt, we issue you a passcode.

6.) Is this relationship exclusive or nonexclusive?


7.) What are the advantages of working with Zip?

There are several. They include:

  1. We understand the pace and pressure of the Advertising/PR industries. We also understand brand credibility. Consequently, we have compiled biographical information from each celebrity which may be used by your creative teams to inspire, craft and produce your campaigns.
  2. You are Zip’s client and, therefore, stand on solid footing when negotiating licensing rates.* If the price of a license is too high and outside a budget, then you will know it straight away and have time to replace the celebrity with other talent. *(This does not mean, however, that we are your legal counsel because we are not selling legal services. Any legal advice needed should be directed to your legal counsel before signing an agreement.)
  3. You have the benefit of knowing cutting edge "market costs" for talent.

8.) Am I obligated to work with Zip celebrities.

No. However, if, as a result of our introduction, you acquire a specific celebrity license, then you would be obliged to pay us accordingly.

9.) How do I contact Zip?

Email is preferable but telephone is fine.

Email: srg@zipcelebrity.com or either (508) 872-9700 or (617) 350-5518- Ask for Sally.

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