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FAQ - Ad Agencies/Sponsors

FAQ - Athletes/Sports Agents

Entertainers/in.credible People/Talent Agents

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Athletes/ Sports Agents

1.) Are you a Sports Agency?

No. We are a strategic alliances company. We bring people and companies together who may not know each other to license and sell products and services through advertising and endorsements.

2.) Who is your client?

Our client is the Advertising Agency or its client, the sponsor. We liken our role to that of a real estate broker. Traditionally, a real estate broker represents the seller, the homeowner, but spends similar amounts of time with the buyer, the homebuyer.

3.) Who pays Zip?

The Advertising Agency or its client, the sponsor.

4.) What steps should a celebrity take to be considered?

Submission of short professional biography and commercial quality photographs reflective of the celebrity’s current image. Head shots and 3/4 length are best and must be in color. Digital and email attachments may be submitted. Photos should be dated.

5.) Is a contract involved?

Yes. A brief contract is signed between Zip and the Celebrity or Zip and the Celebrity’s agent. The contract terms are easy to understand and fair by industry standard. The term includes a one year renewable term if both parties agree.

6.) Is the relationship exclusive or nonexclusive?


7.) Does Zip look for any specific qualities?

Yes. Zip is committed to working with celebrities who cast the good citizen image, display a charitable spirit and who may have inspiring life stories to tell. Of course, impressive on-field statistics and a photogenic smile assist Zip producers in making the ultimate decision.

8.) What kind of celebrities does Zip work with?

Currently, athletes, entertainers & in.credible people.

9.) How do I contact Zip?

Email is preferable but telephone is fine.

Email: srg@zipcelebrity.com or either (508) 872-9700 or (617) 350-5518- Ask for Sally.

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