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Our Mission

To match celebrity casting with corporate identity and goals. At the same time, we make sure that a portion of every talent fee goes to worthy charities. Zip Celebrity gives you the opportunity to match the true celebrity with your brands. We discover talent who not only achieve greatness on stage or on a playing field but who also commit to clean living and charitable giving. Zip acquires assurances that the celebrities it works with are model citizens who enjoy role model status.

Real-life Branding

We understand that real life experiences and images establish true meaning behind your campaigns. If consumers identify with celebrities on an emotional level, then consumer bonding forges powerful brand currency for your clients.

Add Zip to your negotiation

Allowing Zip to negotiate the cast… will change your bargaining position for the better.

Forge an emotional link… touch the consumer's heart and spirit

This value is further enhanced by charitable giving that can be integrated into the licenses granted. Imagine accentuating your ad campaign, PR campaign, or sponsorship with the good will associated with charitable gift giving to maximize media coverage as the campaign marches forward. We hope that in time, this way of doing business will change lives, one license at a time.

We’ll search out a celebrity for high impact

Specialized searches to brand key messages and positioning are also part of the Zip Celebrity mission. If you or your client are looking for either an identified or unknown celebrity who meet particular criteria, we can help you locate the right person and negotiate a license that best meets your strategic expectations. This may include a one day "moment in time" promotion or an inspirational speech or comedy routine for an annual corporate event.

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